Welcome to the Pre-Stashed section! Here you will find items that were previously stashed in other modeler's collections. Some of these items came from the employees here at Squadron, some came from customers, and some of them we aren't really sure where they came from!  In addition to pre-owned items, you will find Scratch and Dent items from our warehouse where unfortunately things get damaged in shipping beyond what we feel comfortable selling as "new".  Small dings and scratches on model kits are pretty normal.... but the ones that make their way here, we just feel better calling it scratch and dent! On the used items, the picture you see is the exact one you are receiving (unless otherwise noted)  On the scratch and dent items, the picture you are seeing is of either the one you are getting, or if we have more than one of the item in question, we take a picture of the worst box of the lot so that you know you won't receive one any worse than the one shown.

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