Squadron Newsletter 4/20/2024

Squadron Newsletter 4/20/2024

Posted by Brandon Lowe on Apr 20th 2024

Hey guys! This is going to be a LONG email full of goodies! Make sure to expand the entire message (my personal gmail says “View Entire Message right after the Burma Jeep) if your inbox cuts long emails off. You will know you have seen it all when you see my signature at the bottom like normal!

Learn all about MiniArt in this interview with Alina!

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We are moving to a larger warehouse in a larger town!

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What's New??

We have so many new items that I just got added to the website for PreOrder that will be coming out this year and the list is very exciting for sure! I will list a few of my favorites here, but... make sure to check out the PreOrder section on the website because there are certainly more awesome items coming that I don't have enough room to list in this email!

Aircraft Preorders

1/48 Eduard B-17F Plastic Model Kit - The Bloody Hundredth 1943

I would be remiss if I left this kit out... and in my opinion, didn't lead with it! This kit, coming from Eduard, is the 1/48 HK Models plastic kit (with an added sprue produced by Eduard!), but it has been super detailed and has ALL the goodies included with it from Eduard. This is going to be the "bloody" homerun of the month when it is released in late summer. It will be a very limited production run so let that FOMO* set in deep and DO NOT MISS OUT!

* FOMO - "Fear of Missing Out" - Hey, Now you know! :-)

1/48 Miniart P-47D-28RE

Free French Air Force

Now that you have watched the interview with Alina from MiniArt (link above) here is the perfect 1/48 scale kit to go ahead and reserve yourself a copy of to try out MiniArt aircraft!

1/48 ICM B-26B Marauder

WWII American Bomber

The new B-26B Marauder from ICM came in a sold out so fast that you might have missed out! Not to fear! We have more coming in very soon and we have opened the item back up for Preorders for the next shipment. Don't Miss Out This Time! Order Now!

1/48 Arma Hurricane Mk.IIc

The newest in 1/48 scale from Arma Hobby comes this Sea Hurricane Mk.IIc kit!

1/48 Airfix Walrus Mk.I

New from Airfix is this Supermarine Walrus Mk.I floatplane.

Kotare 1/32 Kits

Not a brand new kit, but we will be carrying all of the Kotare kits from now on!

1/35 ICM CH-54A w/Pod

The next version of ICM's CH-54A Tarhe will include a military pod!

1/48 ICM Black Hawk

All new tooling MH-60L Black Hawk Helicopter coming soon from ICM!

1/48 Kitty Hawk Cougar

The 1/48 scale line of Kitty Hawk kits are back and will be in stock soon! Don't miss this Cougar!

1/72 Airfix B-24H

This ALL NEW TOOLING B-24H Liberator is shaping up to be a very popular release for 2024! Reserve yours now!

1/48 Royal Class P-51B

Eduard's Limited Run P-51B Mustang Royal Class kits are headed our way and we only have a few left that are not spoken for... don't wait!

1/48P-51B Overlord Combo

The 1/48 mustang 2-pack is a must have and will be here soon! Grab one up today!

1/72 Trumpeter A-6E

This ALL NEW TOOLING B-24H Liberator is shaping up to be a very popular release for 2024! Reserve yours now!

1/48 Fairey Fulmar Mk.II

Don't miss Trumpeter's new 1/48 Fairey Fulmar Mk.II kit coming soon!

1/35 Border Spitfire Mk.Vb

The next release in Border model's series of 1/35 aircraft is the Spitfire & it will be here soon!

Armor Preorders

1/35 MiniArt Puma w/Interior

The Kit Shown in the Video with Alina!

This all new tooling kit of the German PUMA is going to be amazing! Whatever you do, don't miss this one! If interior builds are not your thing, not to worry! They also offer it with no interior! (listed right below)

1/35 MiniArt Puma

The kit with NO Interior

Here is the same Puma kit but without all the interior!

1/35 MiniArt Cargo Truck

Military Service Version

Don't miss this new German 3t Cargo Truck from Miniart!

1/35 MiniArt Stuart

Full Interior Version

Like the B-26 above, this came in and sold out immediately! We have opened it back up for PreOrders so reserve your today and don't miss the next shipment!t!

1/35 MiniArt Tiran 4

Late Type

New release of the Tiran 4 coming soon from Miniart!

1/35 MiniArt Lathe Machine

Diorama Series!

Don't miss this new German 3t Cargo Truck from Miniart!

1/35 MiniArt Stuart

No Interior Version

We have opened this back up for PreOrders so reserve your today & don't miss out!

1/35 Takom Big Box #2

x2 Tigers + 1/16 Wittman Figure!

The Takom "Big Box" was such a hit, they are doing a second one! This time with two Tigers and a Michael Wittman figure! Place your Preorder Now!

1/35 Takom Tiger I Early

Gruppe Fehrmann

If you don't need both of the Tigers in the Big Box #2, take your pick and buy one of them separately!

1/35 Takom Tiger I Late

With Michael Wittman

If you don't need both of the Tigers in the Big Box #2, take your pick and buy one of them separately!

1/35 Border Sd.Kfz.251/1

German Halftrack!

1/35 Takom Sd.Kfz.250/1

German Halftrack w/Figure

1/35 Tamiya Motorcycle

German KS600 & Sidecar

1/35 ICM Burma Jeep

WWII US All New Tooling!

1/35 Takom Sd.Kfz.250/1

German Halftrack w/Figure

1/16 StuG III Ausf.G 1943

Trumpeter's Next 1/16!

Ship Preorders

1/350 USS Montana BB-67

NEW Battleship From Trumpeter!

If you have been following me very long you probably know what my favorite battleship is... the one that never was completed! And here is an all new 1/350 kit of it coming this year!

1/350 Trumpeter Jeanne d'Arc

French Helicopter Carrier

Brand new from Trumpeter comes this French helicopter carrier plastic kit in 1/350 scale. Reserve yours today!

1/350 Trumpeter HMS Naiad

Dido Class Light Cruiser

Brand new from Trumpeter, this Dido class Light Cruier will be here soon!

1/200 HS Models USS Curtis Wilbur

Super Detail Set for iLoveKit Model

If you have the 1/200 Arleigh Burke kit from iLoveKit then don't miss out on this opportunity to take your kit to next level! This super detail set is packed full of more than you can imagine to turn your great kit into something spectacular! These will be arriving in May, so make sure to reserve yours today so you don't miss out!

1/350 USS Cowpens CG-63 1998

Ticonderoga Class Guided-Missile Cruiser

If you know Flyhawk and their 1/700 ship kits then you know they make some really nice kits! We are very excited to announce their first step into 1/350 scale with this Ticonderoga class USS Cowpens! This plastic model kit will be released and available very soon so make sure to reserve your copy today! Or copies??

Dragon Models is back in full swing and we are extremely excited that these awesome kits are being re-issued. Dragon has been doing "one and done" production runs on everything and the quanities are very limited so DON'T DELAY! Make sure to reserve whichever of these kits that you want because who know how long it will be between the next production runs this time!

1/350 Dragon USS Laffey

Benson Class DD-459

1/350 Dragon USS Gearing

Gearing Class DD-710

1/350 Dragon Buchanan

Gleaves Class DD-484

1/350 1940 Scharnhorst

Dragon German Battleship

1/350 1941 Scharnhorst

Dragon German Battleship

1/350 1943 Scharnhorst

Dragon German Battleship

1/350 Georges Leygues

French Light Cruiser

With the Marseillaise being the first release, Trumpeter now will release the second French Light Cruiser in their 1/350 series!

1/35 Takom Mk.45 5"/62

Large Scale Naval Gun

The next release in the large scale naval guns from Takom!

1/350 Very Fire Yamato

Deluxe OR Standard

Make sure to check out Very Fire's latest release. Available in either Standard or Deluxe versions, this huge upcoming kit is sure to be hit!

Other Preorders

1/8 X-Plus Dracula

Plastic Model Kit

At long last the Dracula from X-Plus will finally be released this Summer! Don't miss out on this highly anticipate Universal Licensed plastic model kit!

Speaking of X-Plus, check out the other new releases scheduled for this Summer as well! Grab 'em while you can... reserve your copy today!

1/8 Vampirella

with Bat Shadows Base

1/35 Rhedosaurus

Ray Harryhausen

1/35 Blue & Beta Raptors

Jurassic World Velociraptors

Well that is going to wrap this newsletter up! I hope that you find all sorts of new upcoming kits to add to your stash! I know I certainly have several preordered for myself and I can't wait! I hope you have a great weekend and get a chance to work on some kits!

Brandon Lowe