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CWP36 - Classic Warships Pictorial, Kreigsmarine Scharnhorst

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Classic Warships Pictorial #36 concerns the Deutsche Kriegsmarine Scharnhorst. This 72 page volume has the usual excellent coverage we have learned to expect, with many rarely seen photos, close up shots, and even some color images.

The book not only has good photos, but the captions are little nuggets of well-researched information. From explaining the German habit of referring to warships as "he" instead of the typical "she", to pointing out particular details in the photos, it is almost always worth reading the relevant captions. Each photo is also worthy of close examination; there are interesting details easily missed.

The color images are a nice and unexpected bonus in this book. While the subject of this book is the Scharnhorst, there are plenty of images of equipment and gear that would serve as a reference for the German Navy in World War II.