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HBB80145 - 1/35 German Panzer 1 Ausf A Sd.Kfz.101 (Early/Late Version)

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After the end of World War I, Germany was not allowed to produce any armoured machinery besides the minimum of armoured cars for the army and police. The Panzerkampfwagen I AusfA SdKfz101 was the first German tank to go into mass production since World War I. Both 792mm MG13 machine-guns were mounted coaxially in the turret. The first complete PzKpfwlA were issued in September, 1934. At the beginning of the World War 11, the PzKpfwlA was scattered throughout all the Panzer units. It was used extensively in Poland and France, and was issued to Pz-Abt40 which took part in the invasion of Denmark and Norway. From late 1940 until 1941, the PzKpfwlA was withdrawn from units in the main combat areas.