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SFA700102 - 1/700 Decals - USS Yorktown Class CV Markings 1942

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For use with any 1/700 USN Yorktown Class Aircraft Carrier kit, plastic or resin.

Set provides markings for the Yorktown Class CVs from 1942 to include Yorktown, Enterprise, and Hornet. Markings for the ships include the Stern Nameplate, Hull Numbers used on the Yorktown, and Deck Markings.

Markings for the Aircraft include National Insignia and side numbers for a complete Air Group from June until November 1942. This includes F4F-4, SBD-3, TBD-1, and TBF-1 aircraft. Markings are grouped by Carrier and battle to include:

Air Group Six at Midway and Eastern Solomans

Air Group Five at Midway

Air Group Ten at Santa Cruz

Color placement guide for the deck and hull markings and for the Air Group included.