Moving Finished - Setting Up Starts Now!

Moving Finished - Setting Up Starts Now!

Posted by Brandon Lowe on Jul 1st 2024

Last week we spent all week moving and we have finished! Well... mostly... we have a couple more trucks coming today and tomorrow bringing over the rest of the racks and shelves but all the inventory is here now! We are trying to get everything setup as quickly as we can so we can start shipping again. Our internet connection here is hooked up and we "should" have the first shipments leaving from here Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest. We hope to be back to some sort of "normal" next week.

The phones are still not hooked up here yet. We will have them back up as soon as possible.

I really appreciate your patience as we get all of this done. Especially if you have an order in with us that is on hold.  We will have your orders shipped out as soon as possible!