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CWP48 - Classic Warships Pictorial, German Battleships 1909-1919

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WP48 German Battleships 1909-1919
by Steve Wiper

This volume is a photographic history of the key classes of the “Dreadnought” type battleships of the “Kaiser’s Navy,” also known as the Imperial German Navy, from the Nassau, Helgoland, Kaiser, König and Bayern classes, that formed the backbone of the German Navy throughout World War I. Even though it is a small volume, there are many excellent images never before printed in any book.  The large reproduction and quality of the 88 B&W photographs, as well as 7 colorized images presented is one of the best efforts yet to date, considering the photographs are all in excess of 100 years of age.  Each image is accompanied with an informative caption explaining what the viewer is looking upon. Statistical data of each class is also provided within this 72 page volume. This book is a virtual tour of these battleships from over a century ago.
Many photographs in the book have never been previously published, with a total of 88 B & W, and 7 Colorized photographs, all in a 72 page softbound format.